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Air Max 87 Hyperfuse Womens

Innovative footwear layout, so comfortable and light-weight footwear firmly lock the foot, while the defensive qualities from the Air Max 2014, parcels, and responsiveness to a completely new amount of overall performance enhancement.Employs less rubberized than conventional outsoles for light-weight durability and fantastic multi-surface footing. The 3-D anatomical rearfoot counter provides a modern, secured lower fit.The actual color of each one Air Max 87 Hyperfuse Womens has a distinctive corresponding distinctive tale. In addition, the higher the actual emphasize of course is that the science and technology of the shoes themselves.Air Max 2014 is created using a full-grain natural leather upper that features EVA reinforcements with an ultra-supportive suit. Additional upper benefits feature an internal lacing process for added help and also one-piece internal footwear coating for seamless effort.